Welcome to my website and thank you for supporting me.

My name is Jonny and on paper, I am a 29 year old Social Media Manager and Content Creator from beautiful Hamburg, Germany. After finishing my Bachelors degree in Business Administration/Marketing I started working as  a Content Creator and started sharing my travel around the world on Instagram and TikTok. Besides travelling the world and creating unforgettable memories I had the chance to work as a Project and Social Media Manager for several companies in the past years.

You’ve probably visited because of my Instagram or TikTok Account @jonnyfoe which was launched in 2016 (Instagram), 2019 (TikTok) and 2022 (YouTube). I am delighted that this website has finally given me the opportunity to share more of my personal life and all my travel experiences with you. I can’t wait to hear from you and show you some more impressions from my daily life.